Export from Rayyan missing journal titles  


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28/10/2019 5:07 am  

Hello.  First of all thanks for a great reviewing tool - very useful!

I have one problem that I can't see discussed here: I have uploaded a batch of citations in RIS format and in the view panel I can see all the citation information from the original citation.  When I export my selected records back out again, however, the journal name is missing.  Page and volume information is there, as are labels, review decisions etc - no problems with those.  This seems to be a problem in all formats (the CSV file has a column labelled 'journal' but this is empty; in the Endnote export, there is no field, and so on).  I could, I suppose, reconcile the export with the original import file to 'refill' the field, but this seems a bit clunky and could lead to errors.  Any advice here?


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