Allocation of Articles in Rayyan  


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07/11/2020 7:49 am  

Hi everyone,

What is the best way to allocate articles to particular reviewers/ collaborators in Rayyan (so that you can ensure that only two or three reviewers screen an article)

Thank you in anticipation


Mourad Ouzzani
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17/11/2020 1:00 am  


There are not direct ways to do what you mentioned, but here are two possible options for organizing the work amongst collaborators:

1. Divide your set of references into different files or searches and upload these files to Rayyan, they will then be listed under the "Search" box. You can then ask each group of collaborators to work on a specific search.

2. Go through all the references and label groups of references (e.g., group1, group2, etc.) and assign each set of collaborators to a group. This can be easily done with the keyboard (shift+arrow down and then label). However, this would mean that you can't turn Blind mode to ON since labels are per user. 

In addition, you could filter on the "Minimum/Maximum collaborator decisions" (found on the left panel) and select "Undecided" under "Inclusion decisions" to determine which articles needs to be reviewed based on your constraints. However, to show concurrent decisions by other collaborators you may need to deselect/select the at least/at most filters. In addition, delays may cause these counts to be outdated for a little while.




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