"Topic search" not working - 500 server error  


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10/11/2019 5:11 pm  

When I try to search for a topic, e.g. "social", the Rayyan web interface gives the following error message:

Error connecting to Rayyan. Please check your Internet connection. If the Internet is working well, then there are temporary issues blocking access to Rayyan servers. Please reload this page in a couple of minutes. If the problem persists contact us from the help button in the bottom right and mention this request number: 9efb1285-43c5-4dc1-ab31-fb270f82c203


The HTTP request  https://rayyan.qcri.org/reviews/suggest.json?q=social returns the following 500 error response:


{"status":500,"error":"Internal Server Error"}

Is the topic search feature down?

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